One-Click Online Video Speed Changer for Free

Use this tool to speed up or slow down your video in minutes.

  • Import File

    To get started, navigate to the RecCloud webpage and directly upload your video file from your computer. If you're logged into your account, you can also add videos from your personal space in the cloud. This tool supports a variety of popular video formats, ensuring compatibility with files such as MP4, AVI, MOV, WEBM, and more.
  • Set Speed

    Choose from a diverse selection of speed options to customize your video's playback rate:0.5x (half speed), 0.75x (three-quarters speed), 1.0x (normal speed), 1.25x (increased speed), 1.5x (faster speed), 2.0x (double speed). After selecting the desired speed, simply click the "Export" button to apply the changes.
  • Save File

    Once the video has been processed, downloading your newly edited clip is easy. Save the video directly to your local storage and share it as you please. Additionally, RecCloud offers advanced video editing options, including an AI Subtitle Generator and AI Video Translator. These tools are designed to cater to all your video editing requirements, providing you with a comprehensive suite for enhancing your video content.
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