Create Videos Easily with RecCloud Platform

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RecCloud is a multifunctional video platform which provides not only screen recording service, but also video managing functions. First of all, this tool enables you to record various screen activities, such as desktop, video calls, online meetings, gameplays, online lectures and so much more. Think about when you want to record WebEX meetings, keep a long-distance Skype video call, save a spectacular PUBG battle or record your teacher’s online course so that you can watch it later, and this is where RecCloud can help you with it by recording them all. Secondly, you can directly upload the recorded video files to the cloud space where you are allowed to set a password for the video, share videos online by direct links or insert videos to a certain website by embedded codes.

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Additionally, RecCloud also offers you a video collaboration function so that you can add your family members, friends or colleagues as the collaborative members of your playlists and share your videos files to them. Simply enter the account email at the blank shown below and click to add it. Then, the correspondent user will appear down below. Adding team members to your video collaboration can be so much fun and will definitely upgrade your sharing experience!

reccloud video collaboration

Unique features of RecCloud


  • Network safety: It uses HTTPS to secure your data, which guarantees its safety in terms of communication and network transmission.
  • Data safety: It’s advanced distributed storage system together with multiple cross-region backup mechanisms make it sure that your data is almost 100% safe.
  • Access security: Your data is encrypted and stored on RecCloud’s cloud space, which ensures that only you are able to access the data, and others have no access to it, including the system administrator.


  • RecCloud has an advanced server and a reliable supplier, which ensure that your videos can be played smoothly.


  • RecCloud makes full use of the CDN network to accelerate your network speed so that you can upload or watch videos online at a fast speed.

High definition, Ads-free

  • RecCloud supports to upload and transcode videos with high-definition and original quality. In addition to that, it’s free from ads. All these make RecCloud one of the best video managers for users.

All platform support

  • RecCloud allows you to upload, view, manage, share videos on the mainstream operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

RecCloud aims to simplify the recording process, optimize the recording performance, and provide you with the most satisfactory cloud platform service so as to enrich your digital life.