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RecCloud provides professional video recording and editing API services. Standard and detailed API documentation is provided for convenient integration. RecCloud API can empower your application with various video functions, including the world's leading AI functions like AI voice-to-text, AI subtitle recognition, AI translation, and powerful video recording and editing features, such as video cutting, merging, converting, screen cropping, rotating, audio extraction, muting and more. Therefore, it can meet the diverse needs of different scenarios such as online courses, live streaming, meetings and games.

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Usage Scenarios

  • Video Editing
    Video Editing
  • Audio Conversion
    Audio Conversion
  • Video Conversion
    Video Conversion
  • AI Dubbing
    AI Dubbing

Our Advantages

  • AI Recognition
    AI Recognition
    Through advanced model optimization such as adaptive speech enhancement, multi-speaker separation and speech emotion recognition, it helps AI achieve anthropomorphic thinking so that AI can eliminate useless tone words and repetitive phrases on its own, thus greatly improving conversion accuracy.
  • Simple and efficient functions
    Simple and efficient functions
    RecCloud API covers basic yet comprehensive video recording and editing functions with simple operations. It offers proven solutions, standardized documentation and full technical support, making it easy and efficient for developers to access.
  • Good expandability
    Good expandability
    With good scalability and stability, it can meet the needs of multi-formats, high concurrency and large-scale video editing, providing strong support for the digital transformation and upgrading of the audio and video industry.

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