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Best AI Video Creator for Various Scenarios

Advertising & Marketing Videos

  • Product Demos: AI highlights product features and usage with quality visuals.
  • Brand Stories: AI crafts emotionally engaging videos sharing a brand's history and values.
  • Social Ads: Custom short videos or animations on platforms like YouTube and TikTok boost brand awareness.

Prompt: A futuristic KI-Coaching scene in a virtual reality setting, a digital realm with holographic displays, a sense of limitless possibilities, clients and coaches connected through advanced technology, Digital artwork, VR headset.

Prompt: Perfume is stationary, water flows, wind blows green leaves and flowers, depth of field, light changes.

Prompt: Slightly floating with a makeup brush in hand. Girl opens her eyes. The wind blew off the petals of the flowers.

Prompt: Perfume is stationary, blue water and daisy float in the pond, product in the water , vray tracing, blurry details , sabattier filter, functionality emphasis, light sky blue and yellow, high details.

Prompt: A young woman sitting with makeup tools in front of a table, natural makeup, fair and smooth skin, in the style of video, uhd image, associated press photo, american barbizon school, soft pastels, miniaturecore, studio portrait.

Prompt: An actor dressed as a motorcycle rider rides a motorcycle through the snow, in the style of beeple, dark gold and gray, 32k uhd, i can't believe how beautiful this is, back button focus, unconventional use of space, rtx.

Educational & Training Videos

  • Online Courses: Videos on subjects with animations, board writing, and virtual experiments for engaging learning.
  • Public Education: Health education and community service to increase awareness and involvement.
  • Corporate Training: Orientation, skill training, and safety education to improve employee adaptation and skills.

Prompt: Picture book style, In a dense forest, a kind old man is collecting firewood, happycore, The creatures of the forest live in harmony with him, 3d, Disney Style, Pixar.

Prompt: A beautiful female anchor in a white suit is doing news broadcast in front of a large LCD screen, studio lights, bright.

Prompt: Chibi, A handsome anchor is broadcasting news, the background of the news live broadcast room,smile, happy, studio lights, bright, Disney style, Pixar, 3D, Redshift, Unreal Engine 5, Clay --ar 16:9.

Prompt: A very cute boy, in a forest, The wind blows through the forest, at night, 3d art, c4d, octane render, ray tracing, popmart blind box, clay material, Pixar trend, animation lighting, depth of field, ultra detailed, Fireflies glow, lights flash.

Prompt: A man is being interviewed by a reporter on camera, in the style of texture-rich, deutscher werkbund, smooth and polished, smilecore, sleek metallic finish, handheld, multiple styles --s 750 --v 6.0 --ar 16:9.

Prompt: Chibi, A handsome anchor is broadcasting news, the background of the news live broadcast room,smile, studio lights, bright, Disney style, Pixar, 3D, Redshift, Unreal Engine 5, Clay.

Professional Film & Television Video Clips

  • Special Effects: AI enhances movie/TV effects (e.g., weather, historical scenes) for efficiency and cost reduction.
  • Character Animation: AI creates virtual characters/animations, enriching content.
  • Video Game Trailer: AI can assist in creating captivating game teaser trailers to attract user attention.

Prompt: With a broad perspective and super-wide angle, an aerial photo captures the construction of a planetary engine base from an exceedingly wide viewpoint. At the heart of the frame sits a colossal planetary engine, spewing high-temperature flames, designed to propel the Earth itself, creating a scene that is pure science fiction and utterly awe-inspiring. High resolution, 8K. --ar 16:9.

Prompt: Breathtaking sichuan jiuzaigou in fall, natural light, Water flows, fog drifts, style of National Geographic.

Prompt: A combat armored wyvern, War rages.

Prompt: Tropical fish, corals and fish underwater by tropical wallpaper for desktop, in the style of 32k uhd, red and indigo, birds-eye-view, colorized, ultra hd, high resolution, martiros saryan.

Prompt: There are many sparks falling from the sky, Future city, science fiction background, robots, aliens, alien spaceships, futuristic, Chris Foss style.

Prompt: The depiction showcases a vibrant and colorful fantasy battle scene. At the core is a monstrous character, armed with a colossal axe and ready to launch an attack, their eyes brimming with the resolve for combat. Facing them is a soldier clad in blue and gold armor, wielding a shield and hammer. The painting is vivid, filled with a sense of movement and the tension of battle. The entire scene is enveloped by an epic atmosphere. Unreal Engine 5, game CG, CG visuals, extreme detail, high definition 8K.

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Common FAQ for RecCloud AI Video Generator

Common FAQ for RecCloud AI Video Generator

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