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Generate subtitles with one click for free, AI accurately translates among a variety of languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, German, and 99 other languages.
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Generate Subtitles in Three Simple Steps

  • Upload File
    Upload any cloud or local file directly without external transfers.
  • Generate Subtitles
    Experience 99% accuracy with our AI Subtitle Generator for creating or translating subtitles.
  • Edit Subtitles
    Command your subtitles. Modify them to sync perfectly with your video.

Supports More than 99 Languages

Our free online subtitle generator, without watermark, can generate and translate subtitles in more than 99 languages. Localization has never been easier!
  • Chinese
  • English
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • German
  • And More...
    And More...
  • AI Subtitle Generation
    AI Subtitle Generation
    Based on the latest NLP model, our software can accurately identify your video file and generate subtitles automatically with a 99% accuracy rate.
  • AI Subtitle Translation
    AI Subtitle Translation
    Not only can it automatically generate subtitles, but it can also translate them into various popular languages around the world. You can freely choose to add bilingual or original language subtitles, allowing your audience to understand your video content without barriers.
  • Subtitle Search and Editing Features
    Subtitle Search and Editing Features
    Our intuitive search function allows you to easily locate specific subtitle content. Our free AI subtitle generator offers user-friendly editing features, including the addition or deletion of subtitles and adjustment of timestamps, among others. All changes are automatically saved, enabling real-time previews to ensure the video meets your expectations.

Why Choose RecCloud to Generate Subtitles?

  • Free to use online
    Free to use online
    No need to download, generate and translate subtitles online.
  • Timestamp Editing
    Timestamp Editing
    Flexibly control the start and end time of subtitles.
  • Sharing Functionality
    Sharing Functionality
    Share link feature, share the finished video with one click.
  • Quick Location
    Quick Location
    Intelligent search can quickly match subtitles and voices.
  • Easy-to-use
    Generate or translate subtitles with a few clicks.
  • Confidentiality
    We strictly protect all files to ensure your information remains confidential.

RecCloud: Praised by Millions

  • Easy to operate, convenient and fast, generate subtitles online without downloading or installing any software. This is a life-saver for computer novices!
    Julian Bennett
  • As a short video blogger, using the free automatic subtitle generator has significantly improved the efficiency of my video production. I don't have to stay up late editing videos anymore.
    Robert Smith
  • I have tried and compared many subtitle software on the internet, and the recognition accuracy of this software is very high, which satisfies me.
    Evelyn Harper
  • The AI subtitle translation function is very practical. In the past, I had to manually translate and add it to the video sentence by sentence. Now, with just a few clicks, I can create excellent bilingual subtitles. This is fantastic!
    Oliver Armstrong
AI Subtitle Generator: Intelligent & Easy-to-Use

Don't wait! Start creating accurate subtitles with RecCloud's free AI video caption generator today!

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