Free Online AI Voice Generator Text to Speech

Instantly convert text to voice intelligently with multilingual translation.

Quick & Efficient

  • One-Click Operation
    Add your text and with just one click, you can convert text to speech online for free.
  • Fast Audition
    Listen to the AI-converted voice in real time, experiencing the natural and clear pronunciation.
  • Accurate Translation
    Supports intelligent translation in multiple languages, including Spanish, French, German and more.
  • Introduction to AI Text-to-Speech
    AI Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology is a digital tool that converts written text into spoken words through intelligent AI algorithms. These algorithms can accurately predict word pronunciations and perform real-time voice synthesis with natural-sounding AI voices.
  • convert text to audio online
    • 1
      Add Text
      Type in your text or upload your text file.
    • 2
      Select Voice
      Choose the voice type and target translation language.
    • 3
      Generate Audio
      Efficiently and precisely produce high-quality audio files.
  • Application Scenarios
    Audiobooks: Swiftly transform text into audible content.
    Language Learning: Enhance language skills through auditory exercises.
    Video Dubbing: Quickly add a variety of voices to videos.
    Global Expansion: Localize marketing for global audiences.

Outstanding Advantages

  • Efficiency Boost
    The intelligent voice generator significantly improves work efficiency.
  • Quality Consistency
    Ensures consistency in voice quality across all projects.
  • Global Service
    Multilingual translation meets the needs of global users.
  • Cost-Effective
    Saves a considerable amount of costs compared to traditional voiceovers.

Speech-to-Text on RecCloudPeople Love

  • I'm quite impressed with how easy and efficient the online text-to-speech generation tool is. It's very suitable for someone like me who's new to computers.
    Candy, Short Video Blogger
  • After I enter the text, it helps me quickly convert it into audio, which is so convenient. Now it only takes a few minutes to complete podcast production!
    Jack, Podcast Blogger
  • My students are becoming more and more interested in my classes now. It's really fun to read poems to them using different voices.
    Kevin, Teacher
  • Reading text can sometimes be tiring, but listening to it through AI text-to-speech makes it much more relaxed, and occasionally I even learn other languages.
    Sandy, Student
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