Best Tools to Extract Vocals from a Song

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Separating vocals from a song, in the vast world of music creation, is akin to uncovering hidden treasure. It interests new musicians, experienced producers, and people people who are enthusiasts of sound engineering. Furthermore, it used to be quite challenging and only experts could do it, but now, thanks to new technology, more people can try it. Taking out the vocals from a song lets you do cool things like changing the music or making karaoke versions. In this article, we talk about the most reliable programs on the internet that you can use to extract vocals from a song with ease.

Top 5 Tools to Extract Vocals from a Song


First, there’s RecCloud’s cool tool called AI Vocal Remover, which is excellent for removing vocals from songs you love. Moreover, it splits the song into Original Content, Vocals, and Accompaniment. A notable aspect of this feature is that it works with both audio files and videos. Also, because of its smart AI technology, it maintains really good sound quality. In addition to this, it also offers multiple AI-powered tools that you can rely on to improve your multimedia content with ease. It can add subtitles, summarize videos, turn speech into text, or vice versa. Therefore, if you’re interested in extracting vocals from a song for free, consider visiting this tool immediately.

extract vocals from a song

Vocal Remover

For people just starting out, using complicated vocal removal tools can be really hard. Fortunately, there’s a service named Vocal Remover from Edityouraudio that makes it easier. This online tool is special because it can handle different types of audio files, like MP3 or WAV. It also has extra tools like Karaoke Maker and Acapella Generator. Additionally, you can even use it to work with videos from YouTube. Some packages let you upload your files faster, and the tool uses special technology to do a good job. However, there are some limitations to extracting voices from a song like you can only upload one file with up to 30MB per day with its free version.

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Notta AI

Even though you have to pay to use it, this online tool for removing vocals has a really easy-to-use interface. Notta AI is known for giving fast and perfect results, making it better than other tools you can download. It keeps your information safe and deletes it within 24 hours. It works on different devices and can handle many types of audio files. When it removes vocals, it makes the sound really good and gives you a high-quality MP3 file. Meanwhile, this vocal extraction program from Notta AI only allows you to upload 1 file per day like Vocal Remover.

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If you want to easily take out vocals from songs, is one of the great choices. Moreover, this tool specializes in creating karaoke tracks effortlessly. It utilizes smart technology to make the process super simple with just a few clicks. Furthermore, it has a website that’s easy to use and lets you give feedback. Besides that, you can also see examples on the website to help you. After you’re done, you can access your edited file for 24 hours using a special link. However, there are some limits as you can only upload files up to 80MB, and it only works with MP3 and WAV files.

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Easy Splitter

Finally, there’s Easy Splitter. This vocal removal service lives up to its name by being highly effective. With just one click, users can easily get versions of music with separated vocals, making it stand out in the market. What’s more, it’s known for its quick processing and serves people from various industries. Its key features include synchronization between web and mobile applications, and being completely bug-free with top-notch development. In addition, it maintains the quality of the song while separating vocals from audio. One of the downsides of this program is that there are limitations: the audio file size is capped at 20MB.

extract vocals from a song


As we mentioned above, being able to take out singing from a song opens up lots of cool things for musicians, producers, and people who love sounds. Thanks to AI technology, it’s easier for everyone to do. This article talked about some good online programs that help you remove vocals from songs easily. This includes RecCloud’s AI Vocal Remover, Vocal Remover from Edityouraudio, Notta AI,, and Easy Splitter.

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