How to Split Voice from Music

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Within music production, the act of separating vocals from instrumental tracks emerges as an essential skill. This technique empowers engineers and producers to meticulously isolate vocal elements, thereby enhancing clarity and facilitating remixing endeavors. By mastering this technique, creators gain unparalleled artistic freedom, reshaping auditory experiences and redefining musical landscapes. Luckily, we have gathered the leading programs in this blog that lets you split voice from music with ease. Join us as we delve into the significance of vocal separation within the music industry, uncovering its transformative impact on the creative process and sonic expression.

Top 3 Online Tools to Split Voice from Music


RecCloud is an effective and versatile online tool, perfect for enhancing both audio and video files. Among its array of features is the innovative AI Vocal Remover, which utilizes artificial intelligence to seamlessly separate vocals from any desired song. Furthermore, RecCloud’s capabilities are not limited to audio tracks; it can also isolate vocals from various video content, including music videos and podcasts. This free online program ensures high-fidelity audio output, maintaining the original sound quality throughout the process. Below, we outline the steps to effectively split voice and music in your favorite songs using RecCloud.

  • Launch a web browser and go to the official website of this program.
  • On its interface, click the “+” icon to upload the audio or video file from its cloud or from your PC.
    split voice from music

  • After that, select the “Vocals” option on the right part of the tool and click the “Start Extraction” button to start the extracting process.
    split voice and music

  • Finally, click the “Download” icon to save the output to your computer.


The second tool that we will introduce into this blog is LALAL.AI. LALAL.AI is one of the most popular and highly reviewed vocal splitters on the internet. In addition to vocals, this tool can also separate various elements from a song with just a few simple clicks. This includes drums, bass, voice and noise, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, strings, and many more. Not to mention, this app has a mobile app that you can download easily from your Android and iOS mobile phones. If you’re wondering how to split vocals and instrumentals online, follow the steps listed below.

  • First, head on to the tool’s official website using any web browser on your computer.
  • Second, click the “Stems” dropdown menu to select the element you want to extract from the file you wish to upload.
    split vocals from music

  • Third, click the “Select Files” button to upload the audio file from the local disk of your computer.
    split vocals and instrumentals online

  • Once done, click the “Process the Entire File” button to render and save the output on your computer

MyEdit Vocal Isolator

Finally, we have MyEdit Vocal Isolator. This is an intuitive online tool crafted to separate vocals from songs directly within your web browser. ItIt is compatible with widely used audio formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC, and M4A, ensuring easy access to its features. However, there are limitations: files must not exceed 10 minutes in length or 100MB in size. In addition to vocal isolation, the tool incorporates smart technology to enhance both audio and picture files. Below are simple steps to split vocals from music and optimize the utility of this versatile tool.

  • To get started, visit the official website of this online tool with your favorite web browser.
  • Next, click the “Choose a file” button to upload the audio files that you want to extract its vocals.
    split voice from music

  • Then, adjust the slider below according to your preferred volume for the output.
    split voice and music

  • Once done, click the ”Download” button on the upper right corner to keep a copy of the output on your computer.


In summary, separating vocals from music is crucial in music production, giving creators the ability to improve clarity and remix songs. Mastering this skill offers artists more freedom to shape their music and redefine the music scene. We’ve discussed the importance of vocal separation and its impact on creativity and sound quality. Additionally, we’ve introduced user-friendly tools like RecCloud, LALAL.AI, and MyEdit Vocal Isolator, enabling everyone to split vocals from music effortlessly.

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