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Currently, videos are becoming popular and we can’t deny that watching content from different sites or platforms has become a part of our daily lives.. However, as the prevalence of video content continues to rise, so does the need for efficient methods to extract valuable insights from these multimedia sources. This is where the importance of converting video to text for free comes into play. In a world that thrives on the rapid dissemination of information, the ability to convert video to text free provides a transformative solution. Here, we’ve gathered the top programs that you can use to easily convert your video into text.

Convert Video to Text Free with Top Online Tools


RecCloud is a simple yet powerful online tool that enables users to easily enhance multimedia content. Packed with beneficial features driven by AI technology, such as AI Speech to Text, AI Subtitle, ChatVideo, and more, this tool provides a seamless experience. The AI Speech to Text feature facilitates the effortless conversion of video and audio files into text. Moreover, it boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process into a few straightforward steps. Additionally, this convert video to text online tool permits the extraction of key points from the content through its Intelligent Paragraphing and One-Click Summary features.

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Auris emerges as a cloud-based platform designed specifically for the conversion of videos into text. The tool’s adaptability extends to the customization of subtitle fonts, enriching the user experience by improving accessibility. Furthermore, an appealing and inclusive aspect of Auris lies in its ability to support dual-language subtitles, enabling users to seamlessly integrate a second language into the same video. This innovative approach broadens the audience reach without the necessity for multiple video files. This convert video to text free online tool encompasses key features such as one-click audio syncing, translation, and video trimming tools.

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Descript is yet another AI platform that encompasses a range of features, including video editing, screen recording, transcription, and subtitle generation. Users benefit from the convenience of easily uploading or dragging and dropping files. Not to mention, this online tool efficiently converts content into text in over 23 languages within seconds. In addition, it offers a free plan that allows the conversion of one hour of video to text every minute. What’s more, users can upload video files in various formats on this free video to text converter website.

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Trint caters to individuals in search of transcription services and a platform that facilitates swift collaboration, editing, and content sharing. With the capability to transcribe in over 30 languages and translate in more than 50, it converts audio and video content into searchable transcripts. Apart from that, its interface streamlines the editing process, allowing users to easily add captions to videos and prepare them for export in various formats like .docx, .srt, .vtt, .txt, and many more. One of the downsides of this program, you need to subscribe to its plan in order to convert video to text online.

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Rev offers a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing computer and human transcription, captioning, and subtitling, each with distinct charges. Despite the website’s promotion of a 12-hour transcription turnaround time, this is only applicable to files under 30 minutes. The platform accommodates both individuals and businesses of diverse scales, yet it lacks supplementary tools for editing, sharing, or employing transcripts in video editing. It proves ideal for individuals and businesses seeking transcription services, along with the flexibility to incorporate foreign subtitles.

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In conclusion, these are the leading programs that you can rely on to convert video to text online instantly. Despite these programs, we recommend using RecCloud AI Speech to Text because of its beneficial features. Aside from that, this program allows you to utilize all of its feature for free.

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