List of the Best Programs to Summarize Video in 2024

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Videos are now integral to digital content, facilitating communication, entertainment, and knowledge sharing. The rising popularity of online videos has sparked the need for “video summarization,” which condenses lengthy videos without sacrificing context. Here you will see the leading AI-powered programs that users can utilize to summarize video instantly. Understanding this technology is crucial as the demand for quick information access grows. This article offers valuable insights on maximizing video summarization’s potential and its impact on our video interactions.

Top 5 Programs to Summarize Video


RecCloud is an AI-powered multimedia service platform that allows you to quickly record, share, upload, and collaborate on videos online. One excellent feature of this program is its ability to enhance your daily workflow without any hassle, especially when summarizing a video. Furthermore, its ChatVideo tool offers multiple functions that make video summarization a breeze. Additionally, it can extract content and subtitles from videos instantly. Moreover, you can engage with its AI chatbot by providing prompts in the chatbox regarding the videos you upload to the platform using this  YouTube video summarizer.

reccloud summarize video


Second, we have JasperAI. This is another web-based program that you can use to summarize videos from different video-sharing platforms like YouTube with the help of AI. Not to mention, this program allows you to access its functions by signing in using your Google Account on its website. Apart from that, it has a clean and neat user interface that even first-tim users and young professionals can utilize conveniently. Meanwhile, this program also has the capability of creating and summarizing YouTube video scripts using its beneficial AI-powered functions of this AI video summarization program.

jasper ai youtube video summarizer


Third, we have ScreenApp. This is another helpful all-in-one video platform that you can use with your macOS devices. Its online program allows you to easily record your activity on the screen, share, and summarize everything you see from your browsers, especially videos. On the other hand, this is equipped with advanced search capabilities, wherein users can quickly search and extract information from the videos they upload. Since we all know that ChatGPT doesn’t support uploading actions from different file formats like videos and other documents, this program comes to the rescue. With the help of ScreenApp, you don’t need to summarize videos with ChatGPT.

screenapp ai video summarization tool

YouTube Summarize

Fourth, we have YouTube Summarizer. If you’re looking for a straightforward online tool that you can use to summarize videos from YouTube, this is the perfect tool for you. It allows you to upload the video using its link from YouTube by pasting the link in its URL box on the website. Aside from that, it gives you control over the preferred output size. What’s more, this tool allows you to summarize videos without character limitations and usage limits for free. However, the tool only serves the function the function that you can use to summarize video to text and doesn’t offer any other additional features.

youtube summarizer summarize video


Last but not least, we have Pictory. This is one of the underrated programs that you can use to summarize long videos with the help of its useful AI technology. Its AI technology has the ability to provide short video summaries from different types of videos like webinars, podcasts, and Zoom recordings within a minute. Similarly, its AI can summarize key points from videos, turn long content into concise output, and much more. Like RecCloud, this AI video summarization program offers cloud storage that you can access from any device as long as you have an internet connection.

pictory youtube video summarizer


To sum it up, these are the leading and most reliable programs that you can rely on to summarize your lengthy videos with ease. Each of these tools introduced in this blog has its own characteristics when it comes to this matter. However, we personally recommend RecCloud because of its multiple features in summarizing a video. Apart from that, this program offers Cloud Storage where you can easily keep your video outputs and more. In addition, it can also summarize audio files in just a few simple clicks.

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