How to Record Screen and Audio

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RecCloud allows you to record all sorts of screen activities, such as desktop, browser tab, live stream, gameplay, video chats and so much more. Let’s read the guide below and find out how to record both screen and audio with RecCloud.

How to Record Screen and Audio with RecCloud

How to Record Screen

  1. Launch RecCloud. If you are having problem with the launching process, please kindly check how to launch RecCloud.
  2. Before starting the recording, let’s choose a recording region first. You can choose to record a full screen as the image shown below:

  3. Also, you can choose the customized recording region or enter a resolution you want to record right next to the “Custom” menu.

    customized recording

    Please be noted that the minimum/maximum recording area you can customize totally depends on the minimum/maximum resolution that your computer have, which means the recording region you can choose should be within the existing resolution category of your PC.

  4. Now that we have done selecting the recording area, simply click the REC button to record your screen!

    begin recording

  5. During the recording, you can also mark on the screen. Just click the pencil-liked icon at the toolbar to expand the annotation panel, and then, you can add circles, lines, arrows or texts on the recorded screen.

    annotation tool

  6. Meanwhile, webcam image can be added to the screen as well. Click the camera icon at the recording toolbar and choose the device you want to record, then, the camera image will appear at the bottom right corner of the recording area. And if you want to change the webcam location, simply drag it to the place you want it to be is alright.

    add camera during recording

  7. To pause or stop the recording, just click the following two buttons:

    pause or stop

  8. Here comes the most important part: Don’t forget to save your video! Before saving the video, you are allowed to drag the two arrows at the beginning and the end of the recording to trim the video length. After that, make sure to click the saving button at bottom right corner so that you won’t lose the videos.

    save recording

How to Add Audio to the Recording

  1. Just like the very first step shown above, launch RecCloud.
  2. Next, click the icon shown below and choose whether to record system sound, microphone or both.

    choose audio source

  3. To make sure the sound can be recorded 100%, we need to check audio settings before getting started. Let’s enter “Options” menu first.

    click options

  4. Choose the settings icon next to “Audio quality” → Check whether the selected system sound is the default system sound on your computer and whether the chosen microphone device name is exactly the one you plugged-in → Click “OK” to save the changes → Click the first red REC button at the toolbar to start the recording!

    select audio devices

Special Tips

For people who want to record the camera image only, you can select the option shown as below and choose “Webcam”, then, click the first red button to start the recording is fine.

record webcam

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